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“Originally released in Dec. 2011, this 7 song EP is high energy music brilliantly played by a top-notch group of musicians. Stand out tracks for me (whether I’m running or sitting back with a pint) are “Six O’ Clock Swill” and “That’s Just Me”. Which is saying a lot because every single song on here is great. Hugh Morrison‘s gritty, authentic, vocals sit well with music that has a kind of nostalgic tone. Even though we’re talking about Celtic rock, distorted guitars and power chords aren’t the main ingredient here. Instead, they lend support to the catchy melodies laid down by fiddle, banjo, and whistles, that in turn, inspire a vocal performance that listeners will no doubt sing along with. A near perfect mix. Celtic Rock is strong in Texas, and Murder The Stout leads the way. Fans of Celtic music will dig this 7 song EP, like the thousands that already do. The reviews speak for themselves. If it isn’t in your collection yet, now’s the time!” skOt from 67Music – Murder the Stout – Sounds of Celtic Texas

“I remember reviewing a Murder The Stout album a few years back – rock solid Scottish and Irish ballad standards. In subsequent years, Hugh Morrison the Scottish born, Texas based vocalist and accordion player has cropped up on various Street Dogs tracks adding a Celtic touch to their street punk as will as becoming a touring member of the group. Well here the Street Dogs return the favor with Street Dog Johnny Rioux listed as a full band member and Street Dog Mike McColgan’s Boston accent going toe to toe with Morrison’s Scottish. The music still remains rooted in the Scottish/Irish ballad tradition but now with just a touch more punk’n’roll. Murder The Street Dog’s anyone?” Mustard Finnegan –

“Easy to sing with and merry to shout to, Murder the Stout’s latest EP packs a heptad of heady tunes bold as Scotch whiskey. Fronted by native Scotsman, Hugh Morrison (Lead Vocals and Squeezebox), Murder the Stout’s rousing sounds are sure to delight listeners young and old. From first note to last, Murder the Stout proves itself far more than the average pub-song rock band. With vigorous vocals, full arrangements, and excellent musicianship, this EP is certainly one worth revisiting.” Katrina C.M. – Bittersweet Charm

“Robert Burns Rocks is a folk-rock kick up the arse to the Scottish ballad tradition from a pair of size 11 Doc Martins” Mustard Finnegan –

“Celtic music to keep the whiskey flowing and you all dancing the night away…….” Paddy Rock Radio – Paddy Rock Radio


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